UNITED STATES SENIOR PROFESSIONAL TOUR is Owned and Operated by PGA Professionals.

Daniel Nunez PGA

Grant Dalpes PGA

Entry fees for the 2023 season will be $310.00  per event for Level 1 Members.  2023 Will now start the Level 2 memberships at  $412.00.  The new Tour will allow outside play without a membership in these catagories:    Non-Member fees will be $515.00 per event.  Each playing facility will have a certain number of Sponsor exemptions  $310.00-  these will depend on the facility and their contribution to the Tour.  All sponsor exemptions will have to notify Daniel Nunez – Executive Director for inclusion into Tournament.   All return checks…  players will forfeit their winnings to the ussptour.com and a $30.00 charge will be assessed.  No exceptions….

                                          “COME LIVE THE DREAM”